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We are happy to share our knowledge with you. You can reach us toll free from anywhere in the country at (866) 332-7247.

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  • If you have questions about removing smoke, molds, odors or other common airborne pollutants
  • If you want to ask questions about overall health and ideas for improving your air quality

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Product and Services

We have carefully chosen our selection of air purification equipment so we have the flexibility to provide you with the exact air purifier solution to fit your need and situation.

Our products are completely different from what you would find in stores or catalogs. They are the world’s elite brands, such as:

Our brands use only the healthiest and safest methods of removing toxins and particulates from your air. With our mix of products we can improve the air quality in practically all residential and light commercial environments.

In-Person Services

Although we ship our products to customers all across the country, most of our in-person services are limited to the Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area.

Showroom Visits

You are always invited to visit our comfortable Minneapolis showroom to discuss your needs and see product demonstrations. Our air purification solutions are completely different from anything you will see in retail stores, and the knowledge you will gain will be invaluable.

Our hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00. Because we might be away for a consultation, we recommend you call (952) 767-0430 or email for an appointment. We are located in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis, near Edina.

Our address: 3543 West 44th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55410

In-Home Air Quality Testing and Consultation

IAQ Survey KitWe can come to your home or office, conduct air quality tests, and provide you with immediate results. Our high-tech laser equipment counts everything, including dust, pet dander, smoke, molds, viruses, bacteria and more, down to as small as one-third of one-millionth of an inch (0.3 micron). We’ve seen these particle counts be as low as 50,000 and as high as 15,000,000 per cubic foot! What do you think it is in your home or office?

Learn more about what is included in an In-Home Consultation

Depending on your location, a nominal charge may apply for this consultation.

We also offer testing for:

  • Actively growing molds
  • Volatile organic compounds (airborne chemicals and gasses)
  • Residual tobacco smoke (3rd hand smoke)
  • Formaldehyde