Our tests can check for molds, chemicals, gasses, and microscopic particles
High Particle Count
This home had more than one million particles per cubic foot
Low Particle Count
We reduced the particle count by more than 90%




In-Home Consultations

In Home Air ConsultationOur in-home consultation begins and ends with a conversation about you: what it is you want to solve, and how we can help you..

In between, we take air samples from each room in your home so that we can:

  • Establish a quantitative baseline for your home’s unique environment.
  • Identify any air quality variances in different parts of your home.  


Our top-to-bottom inspection will even include:

  • Basements.
  • Mechanical rooms.
  • Furnace filters and other potential sources of pollutants.  
  • Air quality in the ductwork of forced-air systems.

A consultation lasts approximately 45 minutes, and we’ll finish by discussing your options and solutions. Ask us anything—it’s your chance to make sure you get the information and answers you and your family need.

Take the first step to better health: call us for a consultation today.